Start running your own business!
Business marathon for everyone
At the marathon, we will analyze the basic concepts related to business, we will hold online webinars where we will answer all your questions! Also, we will not do without communication! We will add all participants to the general chat and get acquainted.
What awaits you at the marathon?
Career path
You will understand how to shape your career path and take the right steps to successful growth
Personal qualities
You will learn how to correctly position your personal qualities and professionally present yourself in any situation
Approaches to different people
You will learn how to find approaches to different types of people and understand how to build relationships in any team
You will be able to make useful contacts, competently maintain connections and use them effectively
You will be able to discipline yourself and you will be able to efficiently build work and personal processes
Leader is a profession
He should never give in to emotions, he should create a culture of trust and respect in the company. Trust is when I can trust you to do my job yourself.
The most important thing in business is the team and the goal. You can't argue about the goal! Without a goal, you can not start doing anything.
The key to the successful work of any company lies in the professionalism of its employees.
If you devote yourself to continuous improvement of knowledge, the more you will be able to learn the secrets of a successful business - it is like specialization in sports, when intense training leads to the pinnacle of success.
In any business, only two basic skills are important - increase sales and reduce costs.
Some business rules
How to write a business plan?
Description of goods and services
In this section, you need to describe what products and services you plan to sell and understand the portrait of your client or target audience. To do this, you can make photo and video filming of your line of goods and services.
Before drawing up a business plan, you must first assess the current situation and work with the information. One of the recognized technologies for preliminary analysis before drawing up a business plan, especially for small businesses, is SWOT analysis, which structures all the information.
A business plan is a document that answers all questions related to your business and provides a comprehensive view of the company's performance in the long and short term, and can be edited along with changes in current plans and strategies.
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